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The service was fast and the quality of tubes is great

Fairly good

Was a little disappointed that the para cord goes through the tube at one point as I can't configure the tool the exact way I want it. It is definitely my least favorite section of walking staff.

Original - Walking Staff MK I

Awesome tool. I highly recommend it for hikers

Tube with Paracord

I recommend this item. It is more comfortable to grip than the machined metal with feels a little rough to grip. This extension makes it more like a staff in length than like a cane without it. I'm 72" tall. Without the extension it is too short. With it, it is just right. However, I recommend you provide a chart for people who are taller than most so they can order whatever extensions they may need as appropriate. Looking into this will be a great aid to getting the right sized product all at once than waiting to find out the staff is too short for ones height. Great product! Very tough! Machined well with tight joints. Well done. Really like the product.

Walking staff

Excellent product! Well made and durable! Only wish there was more accessories to chose

Love it.

Very nice. Good weight, very versatile.


This seems like a well built walking stick, o rings between each set and very solid feeling, I can't wait to try it out!!!

My Boyfriend Loves It!

Who would have thought a walking stick with all these goodies can make a man so happy! A great gift that will keep on giving.


Original - Walking Staff MK I

Walking Staff MK1

After inspecting and assembling the staff, I was happy with the overall quality and feel. Looking forward to using it while camping and hiking

Very nice product

Taking it out this weekend and expect that it’ll perform as expected.

Great !!!!

Good quality. Good function.

Shorter than expected

Great product just need to order 2 to 3 extra tubes to be the right height fo a walking stick.

Shorter than expected

So far I have liked it. the tools that come with the starting packet are useful and well though out in my opinion. If you are going to order it I would recommend at least 2 extra lengths than comes in the starting kit. I am average height and I would call it a trekking cane as it is only waste high.


Like it! Need more accessories...

Paracord Handle

This piece makes the staff complete. It creates a nice soft warm zone to grip your staff during long walks on cold days! Best addition to purchase for your new Staff !

I ordered a walking stick and got a 24" shovel only

Did not get what I thought I was ordering from the advertisement.. the accessories that came with it were great, but the walking stick was not even delivered.

Hi Mark, We do have multiple prudcts on our website and we deliver according to what you order. You ordered the Shovel variation of our product. You can find the walking staff variation here:

Individual Tube

Solid and versatile

Seems solid but maybe a touch heavy for
everyday use while hiking. Blades seem solid and sharp.
I bought, folded and inserted about 11 feet of paracord into an empty tube section.

Haven't actually walked or hiked with it yet as it's only 7 degrees outside at the moment.

Walking staff

Way better built than I expected! Pieces fit together nicely and I feel it will last quite a while.


Where is the knife? Where is the brochure for more attachments? Shish. Seems like a good product but a little short on details...

Hi, on the tube handle ends you should see a mini tool icon. This section is unscrewable and reveals your tools. You can also find extra attachments here: